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Who is Enetic?

Enetic is an energy service company helping clients in energy intensive sectors to achieve better energy performance.

Who We Are

Decision makers in businesses have to cope with rising energy costs and increasing volume and complexity of energy data. Traditional methods managing utility cost are no longer sufficient.

Enetic helps customers in energy intensive sectors to improve energy performance.

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Save on your energy bill

Thanks to improved awareness I was able to identify simple O&M improvements that saved 10% of my energy bill.

What can you monitor?

Why Measure Energy With Revise?

Cost Savings

The metering data is used to understand trends and recurring patterns, to determine which areas of the business are the largest users of energy, to measure results from energy reduction measures and to identify cost saving opportunities.

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Energy Targets

Using energy management system is possible to place the responsibility for managing energy costs with the people in the organization who can control the costs.

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Financial Data Tracking

Energy use can be measured in units such as kWh, but it is equally important to attach financial numbers to those units.

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Why Choose Enetic?

Great Support

Support is the key to our success. We provide support with software installation, hardware setup and data tracking. With Enetic you always have an extra hand nearby.

Fast Installation

Enetic’s software is easy to install and set-up. The solution is designed in the plug and play mindset to make it as simple as possible.

Open Platform

We use world’s most popular open source M2M software Mango M2M for collecting of metering data. Mango M2M an Open Source platform developed by Serotonin Software Technologies Inc. has thousands of installations worldwide.

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